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723 West Rowan St, Fayetteville,NC

723 West Rowan  St, Fayetteville,NC

Billy Boy's Grille 723 West Rowan St. Fayetteville, NC 28301


Billy Boy's Grille is a unique concept that combines fresh ingredients, fresh meats and freshly prepared sauces with a southern spice and recipes that are all our own. Whether you come in for the hand breaded fish and chicken or for our thin sliced, breaded to order onion rings you can never go wrong. So get the friends and family together and join us at

Billy Boy's Grille!  




Call-In Orders

Call Ahead and We'll Have It Waiting On You When You Get Here



We're open 11am - 4pm 

Mon - Fri

Sat- 11am-3pm


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